Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Garden On Going July 26, 2014

 A long winter put us way behind.
 As of July 26th we have finally planted our last row.
Potatoes are coming on strong
Tomatoes , Peppers, Broccoli
Corn in back ground is finally taller than horseradish.
 Bev's pumpkin Patch

 Sage is bountiful
 Tomatoes are just getting going.

 Watermelon may not make it to harvest if we get a early frost.
We will have lots of pickles this year.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Spring Is here at EDEN FARM

 It's Forth of July Weekend
 Bev & I took a drive to the hill top over looking the reservoir
 It is about 8 miles from our farm
 A lot of Tourists come from all over to fish & play 
 This old tree was out in our field. It was here when there were still wagon trains crossing our property
 It must have been a sight to stand here & watch them go by
 Our garden was late getting planted this year due to a long winter
 but with hard work & determination
 it is coming along fine
 Peas & Bush beans
 Onions, garlic, strawberries & potatoes
 Corn  is knee high to Bev's knee -- HEHEHE
 We are getting the pastures mowed
 & dogs are chasing rabbits again
 and the sun is setting over the barn
time to call it a day & put my feet up
God Bless

Monday, June 9, 2014

Time to get to work (OUTSIDE)

 Out of fear that winter will come back
 We are two weeks with out snow fall
 June is here & late planting will now begin
 It will be a mad rush to just get the seed in.
 Rainbows are back
 All is greening up again
 New orchard is planted
 First harvest of asparagus

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Building Our New Barn

 Day One Putting Posts In

 Day Two Framing

 Day Three Trusses

 Barn is Thirty x Fourty

Sheeted & Ready For Metal Siding
Metal Completed

John & his crew did a great job again for us. Thank you Scenic construction for all your help.

It sure looks allot smaller now that it is done.